Knowing what’s inside

Knowing what’s inside

More and more consumers want to live healthily and stick to a balanced diet. That’s why people now want more information about food products and their contents. Milka is answering this trend with detailed nutritional information on the front and back of the packaging.

GDA – information at a glance.
A new nutritional value logo on the front of the packaging provides the following at a glance:

  • how large the portion is 
  • the amount of calories per portion 
  • what this means for one’s daily intake of calories. 

What’s new about this enhanced nutritional labelling is that it specifies both portion size and the GDA value. GDA stands for "Guideline Daily Amount" and indicates the percentage of the recommend daily calorie intake that a portion of the product provides.

The GDA information is a guide to calories and nutrients as part of a daily energy intake of 2,000 kcal. This reflects scientific recommendations for the average adult.

GDA as a better guide

Individual requirements may be higher or lower depending on age, gender, physical activity and other factors. In order to keep the information simple and easy to understand, the GDA values shown are for an adult European female of average weight and with moderate exercise. This represents an average for the population, because the figures for men are higher, and those for children and adolescents lower.

Recommended daily amount (GDA) for an average European adult. 

Energy: 2000 kcal

Proteine: 50 g

Carbohydrate: 270 g

of which sugar: 90

Total fat: 70 g

of which saturated fat: 20 g

Fibre: 25 g

Sodium: 2,4 g (6g)

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